Brendan Cox

Brendan Cox

Brendan Cox is a founding engineer at Elotl where he focuses on building technologies that deliver on the promise of the cloud: enabling incredible scalability and ease of use.  He is currently attempting to bring those tenets to Kubernetes with the hope of simplifying complex systems and streamlining operations.  Prior to Elotl he has worked in various professional roles from building a public cloud, working on orchestration systems, and doing a fair amount of financial modeling and numerical simulation.  He has written more Fortan than he would like to admit.

Nodeless Kubernetes

Lovelace Room

Kubernetes has become the de facto container orchestration framework, however it still requires capacity planning and effort to provision, configure, tune and maintain the cluster. Nodeless or serverless systems, like AWS Fargate or Elotl’s Kiyot, will let you focus on designing and building your applications while your AWS infrastructure automatically scales with your application. In […]