David Jenkins

David Jenkins

Cloud Solutions Architect @ Atlassian

David Jenkins is a Cloud Solution Architect on the Field Services and Enablement team and brings with him 10 years of experience in IT Operations, Development and Project Management. He has deployed and managed the Atlassian stack at NASA and has experience with many other solutions in the market. David lives in the San Francisco Bay area maintaining and developing the Teams in Space Demo environment and Data Center deployment strategies. In his personal time, David is an avid squash player, surfer, and musician.

How Atlassian switched to fully using AWS SSM for day to day administration tasks

Lovelace Room

In this talk we would like to share our story in switching over completely to AWS Systems Manager for all day to day system administration needs that warrant traditional methods (SSH, Bastion Hosts, Ansible, etc) on our existing AWS setup. We are a team of two engineers who manage our AWS account which is used […]