Jenko Hwong

Jenko Hwong

Jenko has over 20 years of security experience in research, product management, engineering, and management at companies such as Netskope, Norse, Mirapoint, Cisco, nCircle, and TIBCO and has worked with multiple customers in production including Walmart, Microsoft, Citibank, and AT&T. He currently is on the Netskope Threat Research team, focused on new cloud threats.

AWS temporary credentials: Challenges in prevention, detection, mitigation

Hahn Auditorium

Cloud infrastructure design is complex and makes even the most straight-forward topics, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), non-trivial and confusing and therefore, full of security risk. While AWS IAM provides for access via console and API/CLI using access keys, there is also a temporary security tokens feature, designed for secure temporary access. However, […]