Shrinand Javadekar

Shrinand Javadekar

Principal Engineer

Shrinand Javadekar is a Principal Engineer in the Modern SaaS team at Intuit. His primary focus is to make simple, scalable and reliable Kubernetes clusters, the de-facto platform for developing and running apps. In the past he has been part of large scale file system and virtualization projects at EMC and VMWare. However, his most fun stints have been working on cloud-native platforms and services at startups such as Maginatics and Applatix!

Developing, running and managing Kubernetes Clusters at scale on AWS at Intuit

Hahn Auditorium

Over the last 18 months, Intuit has been on a journey of modernizing its SaaS platform to use containers, Kuberentes and related services on AWS. The Modern SaaS team within Intuit has been using a “product” based approach for designing, implementing and running this platform. Today there are 500+ services created by 3000+ developers running […]