The ACD BA 2019 videos are here!!

The videos from the AWS Community Day are here! They are all in 4K HD! Sweet. Great content. Here are the links to the slides and links to the videos on youtube. (BTW if a couple of videos and slides are not up yet, please be patient. They will be up soon. You can ping me at 650 430 0322 if you have any questions.) Please fill out the feedback form if you have a minute or two.

The photos are all out too! Check them out.



Keynote: Using chaos to bring resiliency to your applications. Slides. Video.

Introduction, welcome, and sponsors parade. Slides. Video.

Developing, running and managing Kubernetes Clusters at scale on AWS at Intuit. Slides. Video.

Redis Streams for Reliable Real-time Communication. Slides. Video.

How to Improve Read Replica Utilization for Amazon Aurora/RDS; no code changes. Slides. Video.

Last Year in AWS. Slides. Video.

Exploiting AWS loopholes with temporary credentials. Slides. Video.

EKS security best practices. Slides. Video. (Introduction to EKS Cluster Security)

Native Cloud Security Monitoring. Slides. Video.

GPU-accelerated BERT deployment on AWS. Slides. Video.

Of CORS That’s a Thing: How CORS in the Cloud Still Kills Security. Slides. Video.

Securing AWS Workloads with Embedded Application Security. Slides. Video.

Automating AWS – Security & Compliance. Main Slides. Video. DivvyCloud slides. Video. CheckPoint Slides. Video.

How Atlassian switched to fully using AWS SSM for day to day administration tasks. Slides. Video.

Virtual Kubernetes Clusters on Amazon EKS. Slides. Video.

Nodeless Kubernetes. Slides. Video.

Emerging job trends and best practices in the AWS Community. Slides. Video.

Cruising in a Data Lake : From zero to scale. Slides. Video.

Best practices on building Data Lakes and Lake Formation. Slides. Video.

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